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Clay Shirky has made yet another interesting and hopeful TED talk.  I’m not going to rehash the things he talks about, but instead jump straight to the niggling half-formed question that I can’t quite shake: what happens if the most beneficial and important things we will do are not things we’re financially compensated for?
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Perhaps our brains weren’t designed for developing an understanding of the universe any more than our fingers were designed for typing on a keyboard.

I wonder sometimes whether it matters what i believe, aside from how it affects what i say and do. But are the things I say and do determined by my beliefs, or are my beliefs determined by the things I say and do?

No narrative captures the entire story.

I’m not a fan of the narrative that we’re all vivid and passionate wild things who should hope to burn out brightly, expressing individuality and energy.

I’d prefer a narrative that included some hope of dignity; that restraint, too, can be natural; that rebellion and raucousness lose their charm; that goodness might be more important than beauty.

That all of this matters.

Each life is a tragedy, eventually ending in downfall and unfulfilled dreams. Fortunately, each life is also a comedy, culminating in hundreds of happy endings, temporary as they are.

I’d like to keep reminding myself that these are not different lives.