Monthly Archives: June 2011

Overhaul iTunes

I just want to voice another one of my minor but long-lasting annoyances: iTunes doesn’t make any sense. It’s “iTunes”, but “tunes” are hardly the focus anymore. It’s a music player and a video library. It’s a store to buy those things, and also a failed social-networking site. It’s a media sharing/broadcasting application which allows you to push media around your house. It’s the “App Store” for iPhones and iPads and iPods, but not for Mac software– for some reason, that has its own store and its own application.
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Google+ so far

I’ve been trying out Google+, and overall I think I like it better than Facebook. It has the feeling of something more robust with more potential. Or maybe it feels more professional somehow. Of course, I don’t really use Facebook for much, and I still don’t know how people are really spending their time there. If Farmville is your thing, maybe Google+ will be a huge step down.
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