Monthly Archives: May 2014

Identity Management

The thought of disintegrating Internet services has led me to imagine an Internet drastically different from the one we have today—one in which the infrastructure of web applications could be decoupled from the applications themselves. The most obvious and most necessary service in need of disintegration is “identity management”. Both Google and Facebook have been providing some degree of identity management, and there has been a movement within IT to provide single-sign-on for business applications. The issue is also related to the issue of password security, which is fresh in the public mind due to the Heartbleed bug. Continue reading

Disintegration of the Internet

The technology industry oscillated between extremes. It comes in waves, tides go in and out, moving towards toward the terminal model, pushing functionality to the “mainframe” server for a few years, and then away again toward having powerful client computer that does all the work. Monolithic applications bloat for several years and then are split into simpler applications, which then join together and bloat again. There’s a constant tug-of-war between those who want more features and those who want simplicity. After years of moving more and more towards huge monolithic web application providers, I’m beginning to suspect that it’s time for things to swing back the other way. Continue reading