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Perhaps our brains weren’t designed for developing an understanding of the universe any more than our fingers were designed for typing on a keyboard.

No narrative captures the entire story.

I’m not a fan of the narrative that we’re all vivid and passionate wild things who should hope to burn out brightly, expressing individuality and energy.

I’d prefer a narrative that included some hope of dignity; that restraint, too, can be natural; that rebellion and raucousness lose their charm; that goodness might be more important than beauty.

That all of this matters.

Each life is a tragedy, eventually ending in downfall and unfulfilled dreams. Fortunately, each life is also a comedy, culminating in hundreds of happy endings, temporary as they are.

I’d like to keep reminding myself that these are not different lives.

More comments on statistics

Since my last post, I’ve had a couple of other thoughts on the deceiving nature of statistics. In the era of such scientific achievements, people are understandably inclined to view scientific study and statistical analysis as the most proper means of determining truth. However, properly understood, statistics are merely a means of making a “best guess” based on limited information, and not a magical method for determining actual patterns. So let’s examine the coin toss…
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Impossible things happen every day

There’s this funny thing I like to point out to those who are too quick to dismiss things as impossible: According to statistics, the most statistically unlikely things are likely to happen. In fact, we assume the impossible will happen, we rely on it, and if statistically improbable events never occurred, we would live in a very strange world.
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