Overhaul iTunes

I just want to voice another one of my minor but long-lasting annoyances: iTunes doesn’t make any sense. It’s “iTunes”, but “tunes” are hardly the focus anymore. It’s a music player and a video library. It’s a store to buy those things, and also a failed social-networking site. It’s a media sharing/broadcasting application which allows you to push media around your house. It’s the “App Store” for iPhones and iPads and iPods, but not for Mac software– for some reason, that has its own store and its own application.

iTunes also serves as the syncing application for all of these things, keeping your music and apps and video on your iPod in sync with your computer. In my mind, it really crossed the line when it started being used to transfer documents between your computer and your iOS devices– so in addition to everything else, iTunes is also a file manager. Still, as much as iTunes does, my Mac still needs to launch iPhoto in order to sync pictures with my iPhone..?

Along with everything else, this isn’t very Apple-like. The branding is unfocused, and the application itself is overly complex. Apple tends to favor applications that do one single thing simply instead of having a huge application that does everything.

So here’s the solution: Break iTunes into 3 different applications. The first application should be Apple’s new online store. They should consolidate the Mac App store with the iOS app store, and pair it with their online media offerings. The second application can be the media player, which is what iTunes was originally designed to do. The third application should be focussed entirely on maintaining and syncing your iOS devices.