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Shirky/Pink in WIRED

Ok, so apparently I’m not the only one to connect Clay Shirky’s recent talk about “cognitive surplus” with Dan Pink.  Wired had an article a while back where the two converse about motivation and collaboration.  It’s a pretty good read (though suffers a strange overly-polished tone), but it won’t hold any revelations if you’ve watched their TED talks.
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Healthcare reform

To all the people who find themselves concerned with the health care reform proposals going on now, particularly those who are worried about socialized healthcare, I would like to explain why I don’t think you should be worried. I’m not going to try to debunk some of the hysterical claims about things like “death panels” because they’ve already been debunked in other places. Also, I’m not going to argue that creating a new socialized healthcare system will be better than our current capitalist free-market system. On the contrary, what I’d like to argue is that our current system is already a socialized system and not a free-market system, and therefore it’s nonsensical to worry about “socializing” it.
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