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Shirky/Pink in WIRED

Ok, so apparently I’m not the only one to connect Clay Shirky’s recent talk about “cognitive surplus” with Dan Pink.  Wired had an article a while back where the two converse about motivation and collaboration.  It’s a pretty good read (though suffers a strange overly-polished tone), but it won’t hold any revelations if you’ve watched their TED talks.
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I’ve been pretty interested in the idea of laziness for most of my life, tracing back to the experience of having a teacher in middle school who regularly accused me of being lazy. It really made me wonder what it means to “be lazy”. Sure, I didn’t like working. But isn’t it the default state of human beings to be averse to work? You might think, “No, not me. I’m willing to work very hard.” Well yes, you may work very hard when hard work is required to attain something you desire, but that doesn’t mean you’re not averse to work.
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